Thursday, December 03, 2015

SABCA President WILLIAM JONES Charges Dropped: Case No. 14001424MM

Controversial apparatchik and St. Augustine Beach Civic Association (SABCA) President WILLIAM J. JONES was charged June 18, 2014 with CRIMINAL MISCHIEF, to wit, destruction of private property last year, the result of an investigation and sworn complaint filed by the St. Augustine Beach Police Department (SABPD).
On July 15, 2014, charges of CRIMINAL MISCHIEF against BILL JONES were dropped by CHRISTOPHER FRANCE, principal Assistant State's Attorney for St. Johns County, who is running for Circuit Judge with the support of Sheriff DAVID SHOAR f/k/a "HOAR.
WILLIAM J. JONES works for Sheriff SHOAR in a desk job, having been demoted from dispatcher after complaints of misusing computers to investigate political opponents.
In the 2014 charging, SABCA President BILL JONES was charged with destroying a picket sign belong to Mr. William Rosenstock -- "tearing it up" at 8:30 AM on June 11, 2014.
Contrary to the standards of the National District Attorney's Association (NDAA) in its National Prosecution Standards, no written reason was given for dropping the charges against BILL JONES, SABCA President and Sheriff's Office employee. Still waiting to hear what the reason for dropping the case might have been, or if the Court and alleged victims were ever informed.
Consistent with longstanding practice and prejudice, our lackadaisical 7th Circuit State's Attorney's office refuses to prosecute government employees and influential people.
This is apparently pursuant to its de facto squishy-soft on white collar crime and "catch and release" policies.
These are the policies set by our icky elected reprobative Republican State's Attorneys RALPH J. LARIZZA and his equally icky and maladroit predecessors.
To understand St. Johns County corruption, one need look no further than our tawdry Sheriff and tainted State's Attorney, and their malfeasance in the Michelle O'Connell case (under investigation by the FBI Corruption Task Force in Daytona Beach).
According to St. Johns Clerk of Courts filings, SABCA President BILL JONES is set to be a witness against St. Augustine Beach activitist Mr. William Rosenstock, formerly the Chair of the St. Augustine Beach Code Enforcement Board.
It strongly appears that prosecution is retaliation for First Amendment protected activity in speaking out at St. Johns County Commission, resulting in a 5-0 Commission vote on August 4, 2015 to end the unconstitutional restrictions on free speech at Pier Park, at the behest of Mayor ANDREA SAMUELS, WILLIAM JONES and the St. Augustine Beach Civic Association.
On August 12, 2015, the same day that The St. Augustine Record printed Mr. Rosenstock's letter on the Commission vote, Mr. Rosenstock was arrested.
The Record and other news media ran one-sided stories at the behest of St. Augustine Beach burghers.
How's that for Jim Crow Law, folks?
About as subtle as an ax handle in the hands of Georgia segregationists?
About as oleaginous as BP's oil "spill" in the Gulf of Mexico?
The misdemeanor "stalking" case, which St. Augustine Beach Mayor ANDREA SAMUELS allegedly kvelled about the night of the arrest, is set for a December 15, 2015 pretrial hearing before Judge Charles Tinlin. Case No. 15001650MMMA
Be not afraid -- there are more good people than bad people in St. Johns County, and we've got the political machine surrounded.
From coverage by The New York Times, PBS Frontline, et al. to the election of Mayor Nancy Shaver and the rejection of ex-Mayor JOE BOLES and County Commissioner RONALD LEE SANCHEZ to ongoing FBI investigations, it's been a rough three years for big shot crooks in St. Johns County and St. Augustine, Florida, which Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called "the most lawless city in America."
The FBI Corruption Task Force (SA Dave Brown) in Daytona Beach is ready to take your information and ready to take corruption cases to a Federal Grand Jury.



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