Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hateful political machine rule crumbling here?

Defeating corruption and KKK-supported oligarchs here in St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach and St. Johns County is not unlike the process involved in a cat eating a grindstone -- one lick at a time.

Yes we can!

Looking at the Supervisor of Elections website this morning (June 23) is encouraging, to say the least.

Once upon a time, hateful, corrupt, racist KKK-supported political bosses like Sheriffs DAVID SHOAR f/k/a "HOAR," NEIL PERRY and LAWRENCE O. DAVIS ran the store in St. Johns County, like the Feudal Lords of All They Survey.

St. Johns County, unlike much of the South, did not go Republican until all Democratic officeholders became Republican in 1989, ordered to do so by corrupt Sheriff NEIL PERRY, all standing in line at the same time at the Supervisor of Elections office (then located in what is now the Casa Monica Hotel).

Once there were uncontested races for local officials -- as still occurs in Miami-Dade, where three of seven Commissioners were re-elected without opposition.

Today, entrenched incumbents in St. Johns County, St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach ALL have opponents, giving We, the People more of a choice.  To corruption, bribery, chicanery, clear-cutting, wetland-filling, no-bid contracts, criminal coverups, we say: ENOUGH.

Qualifying for local election races ends at noon tomorrow (June 24th).

Yes we can!

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