Saturday, June 18, 2016

Support artists, re-elect Shaver, defeat HORVATH & FREEMAN

Bates v. City of St. Augustine (Bates I) won by artists in 2009.

City continued First Amendment violations unabated. Thus, Bates v. City of St. Augustine (Bates II) lawsuit filed in 2015.

Injunction granted in 2016.

Trial now set for July 3, 2017.

City Commissioners held "shade meeting" on June 13, 2016 in anticipation of mediation.

Mayor Nancy E. Shaver wanted to act before the lawsuit to end illegal artist arrests, but none of her four colleagues would agree to hold a workshop.

Two of those four colleagues -- ROXANNE HORVATH and LEANNA FREEMAN -- seek re-election.

Want our streets to be lively?

Want St. Augustine to be a place where artists and musicians can paint and play without First Amendment violations?

Then work tirelessly to restore sanity, work to re-elect Mayor Nancy E. Shaver, and work to unseat Commissioners HORVATH and FREEMAN, please.

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