Thursday, June 16, 2016

Honoring 16 Courageous Rabbis

Just attended a dramatic reading of the sixteen arrested rabbis' June 8, 1964 letter, "Why we came to St. Augustine" by longtime Washington, D.C. mediator Allan D. Silberman at the St. Augustine Jewish Historical Society presentation at Flagler College.

A portion of a two hour video was shown, showing the six rabbis' presentation at Flagler College two years ago.

I was honored to have lunch in 2014 with Rabbi Dressner and Rabbi Secher, two of the six rabbis who returned for the 50th anniversary of the largest mass arrest of rabbis in American history, at the Monson Motel Restaurant (now the site of the Hilton Bayfront).

Kate Merrick and her painting of the sixteen rabbis in jail was there. So was our heroic St. Augustine Mayor, Nancy E. Shaver.

Kate is one of the fearless four plaintiffs suing the City of St. Augustine for criminalizing art and music in our public places.

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