Wednesday, August 14, 2019

No More Annual and Quarterly Reports at Podium by City Attorney

Without hearing public comment, violating F.S. 286, St. Augustine City Commissioners did away with the recent requirement of an oral presentation and annual and quarterly reports by the itty-bitty City's maladroit mendacious mediocre City Attorney, ISABELLE CHRISTINE LOPEZ, who has three staff and some $600,000 in annual budget.

Louche LOPEZ misses a lot, and we pay for it, including failure to seek court-ordered attorney fees from the WHETSTONE riparian rights litigation and the WENDLER demolition lawsuit.

The oral City Attorney reports were mandated during the reform administration of Mayor Nancy Shaver, and quickly abandoned at the first opportunity under Mayor Tracy Upchurch. 

No policy reason.

Consistent with the new resolution for four hour meetings, unless extended by Commission vote.

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