Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Parking meters yield to progress (George Gardner, St. Augustine Report)

Parking meters
yield to progress
   Parking meters, fixtures along city streets since the mid 1940s when the price was 5 cents an hour, are going the way of paper road maps - but not the cost of parking.
   The city removed almost all of the city's parking meters, some 200, Mobility Program Manager Reuben Franklin says, replacing them with pay stations, close to 50.
   About 5% of the meters remain where pay stations are not feasible.
   Franklin says the removals free up space on sidewalks and cuts back staff time collecting meter change.
   Parkers have multiple options to pay, including the ParkStAug app allowing people to pay and add time using their cellphones, and with the pay stations, people can still use cash or a card to get a parking ticket for their vehicle's dashboard.

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