Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Reprobate JOHN RUTHERFORD Skewered on Lies by WJCT's Melissa Ross This Morning

An angry, out-of-touch Congressman JOHN RUTHERFORD (R-FL4)  notoriously disgraced himself at 9:06 AM on the Jacksonville, Florida public radio station, showing himself to be a cognitive miser.  

Listen to the rebroadcast on, or on the radio tonight, of Melissa Ross' "First Coast Connect."

Former Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff RUTHERFORD is the only former Sheriff serving in Congress.  Supported by St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, RUTHEFORD was elected in 2016 and is on his second term in Congress, representing the northern half of St. Johns County and points north.

RUTHERFORD arrogantly refuses to attend town halls because dissenters will ask him questions, seeking their "fifteen seconds of fame."

Whether spouting alternative facts and kooky conspiracy theories in defense of President DONALD JOHN TRUMP, showing his ignorance of the Mueller report, or angrily refusing to consider gun owner background checks, Congressman JOHN RUTHERFORD showed his ass,

RUTHERFORD is concerned about ocean level rise and he opposes offshore oil drilling and sonic testing torture of cetaceans and other ocean life, unlike our former Congressman, JOHN LUIGI MICA, whose brother, daughter and son are all Big Oil and petrochemical lobbyists.

Notwithstanding his leadership on ocean issues. on balance, is JOHN RUTHERFORD out of sync with his constituents, and quite possibly out of time?

Is JOHN RUTHERFORD as lugubrious as goober as ever made a chair squeak?

You tell me.

November 3, 2020 is our chance to pick a new Congressman for the northern half of St. Johns County and the rest of St. Johns County.

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