Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Expect democracy

There are now two candidates running for Sheriff in the Republican Primary.

Will they kindly agree not to encourage or suffer anyone acting on their behalf -- shills, confederates and Republican apparathicks, like ROBERT THORNTON SMITH -- to close Universal Primaries, including the Sheriff's race?

Will they publicly call for every vote to count?

We have a constitutional right to a Universal Primary if no Democrats are running.

But a Confederacy of Duncdes, led by unctuous, unprincipled Tallahassee power lawyer MARK HERRON and former Secretary of State KATHERINE HARRIS, have euchred our courts, which have misinterpreted the Florida Constitution to allow one write-in candidate to file to prevent our right to vote in a Universal Primary.

RICK SCOTT's all-Republican Florida Constitution Revision Commission refused to put on the ballot a correction to this outrage.

Will there be meaningful debates?

Or just another dumb 'ole joint press conference held by the lackadaisical League of Women Voters? In 2018, there were NO debates, because the satraps who run the St. Augustine Record bailed.

Assuming that no Democrat runs for Sheriff, I hereby call upon Messrs. Christopher Strickland and Robert Hardwick to put out the word that they support an open universal primary.

In 2016, insecure Sheriff DAVID SHOAR used two (2) shills, including his former jailer and massage therapist, to file to run as run-ins, thereby depriving Democrats and No Party Affiliation voters of their right to vote in a Universal Primary. That was a sin, a crime and a tort, perpetrating SHOAR's Reign of Error.

Chief Hardwick, Mr. Strickland, will you kindly agree to support an open Universal Primary?

Chief Hardwick, Mr. Strickland, will you kindly agree to support meaningful debates on the future, nature, structure and performance of the St. Johns County Sheriff's office?

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