Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Hurricane Dorian Summary (St. Augustine Report, by former Mayor George Gardner)

Now downgraded to Category 2 as of  11 AM, Tuesday September 3, 2019

Hurricane Dorian hit Wednesday
   Hurricane Dorian, at one time a dangerous category 5, is expected to move along the coast by St. Augustine as a still dangerous Category 3 Wednesday.
   Here's a summary of city and county actions over the past several days: 
  • St. Johns County issued a mandatory evacuation order for Zones A and B, which encompass about 148,500 people, effective at 8 am Monday. Those areas include the entire city of St. Augustine, the city of St. Augustine Beach and anyone in waterfront property or flood-prone areas. 
  • The City's Historic Downtown Parking Facility stopped charging for parking at 9 pm Sunday. It was filled Monday morning.
  • The St. Johns County Fairgrounds opened for RV and boat storage, free for residents and visitors until seven days after the evacuation order has been lifted. Check in from 8 am to 6 pm through Tuesday, September 3. Public restrooms and showers available but no RV hook ups are available.  
  • Offices for the City of St. Augustine were closed Monday for Labor Day and Tuesday and Wednesday in anticipation of Hurricane Dorian. 
  • The St. Johns County School District announced all public schools and district offices would be closed Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • The Solid Waste Division scheduled additional yard debris pick-up days Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday and urged residents to clear loose yard debris and assist with collecting street debris in nearby sewer drains to help minimize potential blockage and overflow.
  • To follow emergency developments online:
    City of St. Augustine - www.CityStAug.com
    St. Johns Co. Emergency Management -  www.SJCEmergencyManagement.com
    St. Johns County -  www.sjcfl.us

Hurricane Watch issued
   The National Hurricane Center issued a Hurricane Watch and Storm Surge Watch for St. Johns County on Monday, September 2 in anticipation of Hurricane Dorian.
   A Watch is notification a tropical storm poses a threat to coastal areas within 36 hours
   A Warning is notification Tropical storm conditions are expected in a coastal area within 24 hours
Huricane Irma
Hurricane Irma September 2017

Longest gap between storms
14 years 1986-1999
How often Saint Augustine gets affected?
brushed or hit every 2.04 years 
Average years between direct hurricane hits.(hurricane force winds for a few hours)
(12h) once every 12.25 years
Average years between major hurricane hits.(5)
once every 29.40 years
Statistically when Saint Augustine should be affected next
before the end of 2019
Average MPH of hurricane hits. (based on advisories sustained winds, not gusts)
102 mph

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