ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla — The ocean broke through newly placed sand dunes in Summer Haven just weeks after St. Johns County completed the multi-million dollar project.
Video captured at least a day ahead of Dorian's expected impact reopened a wound that has cost millions but has not sealed the breach. 
The dunes that separate the ocean near Crescent Beach from the historic Summer Haven River was first breached during a tropical storm in 2008.
In 2016, state funding backed a community effort to remove sand from the river and place it onto the beach, rebuilding the dune system.
When Hurricane Matthew hit, however, the dunes were breached again. The state and county patched it, but the water broke through again in early 2018.
Monday, it happened again. Video shot by resident photographer Walter Coker shows the ocean rushing through the gap days ahead of what is expected to be a strong hurricane storm surge.