Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hate site operators never have a happy day and won't have a happy New Year either

Historic City Media,, -- birds of a feather, run by MICHAEL GOLD, the uniform salesman, private investigator, political apparatchik, criminal analyst and bagman for Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, who raised some $250,000 for SHOAR in 2004.

Talking about guppies and destroying the guppy pond? How irascible? This is what they're saying on the hate site: "Seriously, though... It's the old St. Augustine Curse Come to Life, happens all the time. Guppies in this small pond waste no time cannibalizing the other guppies until larger and fewer guppies rule the fetid place. And on and on, until one bloated guppy rears his or her head from the morass, saying: "I'M HERE! WATCH ME NOW!!!" Can't kill the guppies. They eventually grow fin-feet and walk out of the pond to Slavinize us, or run for local government, that kind of thing. The thing to do is eradicate the guppy pond. Shocked"

Guppies? Sounds like Cruella Deville (in 101 Dalmations) obsessing on puppies.

Over on the Sheriff's bagman's hate website, they're not talking about government purchasing practices today. They're emitting their steady diet of ad hominems, the sign that Sheriff DAVID SHOAR & friends once again have no defense on the merits.

I wear their scorn as a badge of honor. So MICHAEL GOLD & NICS call me a narcissists? Psychiatry call that "projection," defined as "a defense mechanism, operating unconsciously (see unconscious), in which what is emotionally unacceptable in the self is unconsciously rejected and attributed (projected) to others."

Imagine being called a "narcissist" by someone who has so many NICs he can't keep them (or his businesses) straight?

Uniform salesman, licensed private investigator, Sheriff SHOAR's criminal analyst, SHERIFF SHOAR's campaign manager, SHERIFF SHOAR's bagman and hate website operator MICHAEL GOLD f/k/a "MICHAEL TOBIN" is having a mini-meltdown today.

On his KKK-style hate website, he and his Confederates (including the City of St. Augustine's archeologist's spouse) are braying, baying at the moon, bragging on GOLD f/k/a "TOBIN" has 101 pages about l'il ole me.

101 pages. I'm so flattered I reckon I might just dry up and blow away.

101 pages of lies. 101 pages of drivel. 101 pages of inarticulate, illiterate ranting cant. 101 pages of curse words. How deliciously low.

That's even more pages than they have on Ken Bryan. I am flattered. It is less than they had on President Barack Obama. (Secret Service please note: you now need a password to read these vile vilifiers' vile vilification of our Commander-in-Chief.

Sheriff's bagman MICHAEL GOLD (like Sheriff's toady, developer GEORGE McCLURE) is such a cartoon villain he reminds me of Cruella D'ville of 101 Dalmatians.

The next time MICHAEL GOLD & CO. think it's "cute" to chill, coerce and restrain First Amendment protected activity, these bullies will know that ideas have consequences.

The idea that you're a tough guy because you kiss up to slimy politicians is wrong.

The idea that you can sit in your underwear and defame good and decent people, hiding behind anonymity (the "Anonymice") is passed. (On Christmas Eve 2008, tortfeasor MICHAEL GOLD actually wrote on his website about how he wanted a horrible painful death from cancer of a lady known to be suffering from cancer).

You're mean.
You're delusional.
You're sick.
You're obscene.
The only thing more obscene is the monopoly profits you may make from selling uniforms to our governments in no-bid contracts. No-bid contracts in government purchase are so wrong. THey need to be outlawed.

As Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy said, "If we do not on a national scale, attack organized criminals with weapons and techniques as sophisticated as their own, they will destroy us."

Corrupt government officials and their sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, anti-Gay hate websites -- we see right through you (just like the Record's "Talk of the Town," which bullies also took over and abused).

MICHAEL GOLD: the Bully Blockers' Club is on your case. So are lawmen.

St. Augustine and St. Johns County are now an official no-bully zone.

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