Thursday, December 24, 2009

Letter: Shoar's comments 'amusing' but off-base

Ponte Vedra Recorder cartoon

Posted: December 24, 2009 - 12:34am

Editor: I spent a very entertaining 15 minutes today reading the transcript, that was posted at on Dec. 16, of the telephone conversation between Sheriff David Shoar and land development mouthpiece, attorney George McClure, who has yet to see a development he didn't like.

Two aspects of that conversation I found particularly amusing. Shoar commenting that the thing that (ticked him off) more than Tom Manuel's indiscretions as County Commissioner, were one-issue people like Phil McDaniel (Culture of the Arts), the Hamiltons (environmental protection) and Cathy Brown (Council on Aging). Apparently we have a sheriff who finds culture, the environment and senior citizens more offensive than corrupt public officials. I tremble to speculate on what he thinks of motherhood and apple pie.

What also made me laugh was the fact that the conversation, which, at times, sounded like a mutual admiration society meeting, was actually being secretly recorded by McClure without the knowledge of his "buddy" Shoar. Without even addressing the legality or ethics of McClure's actions, it is safe to say that with friends like McClure, Shoar doesn't need enemies. I wonder if Shoar still holds McClure in the same "high esteem" that he indicated in the conversation?

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