Monday, December 21, 2009

MICHAEL GOLD, pathological liar, attacks Gov. Crist, State Supreme Court and Judith Seraphin for statewide grand jury

See below. Governor Crist's petition for a statewide grand jury has been granted. Three cheers for Governor Crist.

MICHAEL GOLD attacks Judith Seraphin, falsely failing to point out that her points about local corruption (and State's Attorney incompetence) were well-taken, and that Governor Crist's petition was granted on December 2, 2009 (after being amended).

MICHAEL GOLD neglects to mention that fact.

Only two citizens in the State of Florida took the time to support Gov. Crist in his effort to have a statewide grand jury appointed to investigate corruption.

The first was Judith Seraphin, who rightly brought up the failure to prosecute Sunshine, Open Records and environmental violations by the City of St. Augustine.

There was no "frivolous" complaint. MICHAEL GOLD has the same repressive instinct as City of St. Augustine Commissioners, including the one who wanted to make Dr. Dwight Hines, Ph.D. "pay the piper" upon filing an Open Records lawsuit (which he won). These sorehead public officials and their entourages have been lying for so long it comes to them as second nature. These soreheads will even lie about ineluctable truths (the Supreme Court granted Gov. Crist's petition and merely said the amicus briefs were "moot) on December 2, 2009.

Is MICHAEL GOLD a pathological liar? Is he guilty of libeling many good and decent persons at the behest of the corrupt political machine? Has he libelled persons who are hot public figures? With respect to public figures, is MICHAEL GOLD guilty of actual malice or willful disregard of the truth?

Time to call your criminal defense attorneys and your insurance carriers, SHERIFF SHOAR and MICHAEL GOLD -- your sins have found you out!

MICHAEL GOLD AND SHERIFF DAVID SHOAR, tortfeasors prevaricators.

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