Thursday, December 31, 2009

FEC Press Release on PBS&J Case Being Closed

For Immediate Release
Contact: Judith Ingram

December 10 , 2009

Mary Brandenberger
Julia Queen
Christian Hilland


WASHINGTON – The Federal Election Commission recently made public its final action on four matters under review (MURs). In one matter, respondents agreed to conciliation agreements providing for them to undertake remedial actions. In another matter, the Commission dismissed one allegation and found no reason to believe a violation occurred in relation to another allegation. The Commission dismissed the third matter, and closed the file in the fourth matter.

Under the law, the FEC must attempt to resolve its enforcement cases, or MURs, through a confidential investigative process that may lead to a negotiated conciliation agreement between the Commission and the individual or group.Additional information regarding MURs can be found on the FEC web site at

This release contains only summary information.For additional details, please consult publicly available documents for each case in the Enforcement Query System (EQS) on the FEC web site at

MUR 5903


PBS&J Corporation; William S. DeLoach; Richard A. Wickett; H. Michael Dye; Maria M. Garcia; Rosario Licata; Shannan Ighodaro; Sybil Thomas; Lourdes Fernandez; Reinaldo Fernandez; Ana Quinones; Victor Quinones; James Breland; and Larry Boatman


Maria M. Garcia


The complaint alleged that PBS&J Corporation knowingly made prohibited corporate contributions to political committees when it reimbursed campaign contributions made by its employees and their family members.


The Commission closed the file.

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