Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tootlhless 'Ole Florida "Ethics" Commission Covers Up for DONALD CRICHLOW


Controversial St. Augustine City Commissioner DONALD W. CRICHLOW is an architect for projects located in the City of St. Augustine, our Nation's Oldest City. This results in frequent conflicts of interest and appearances of impropriety. DONALD W. CRICHLOW is often only one step ahead of the law. He sometimes uses the laws he helps write to help his clients.

After DONALD W. CRICHLOW represented DANNY SCHECTER, the developer that wanted to destroy our downtown St. Augustine with an ugly building at the intersection of Cathedral Place and St. George Street, I filed a complaint against St. Augustine City Commissioner DONALD W. CRICHLOW with the FLorida Ethics Commission (see below).

CRICHLOW is an architect who uses his City Commission job to advance his interests.
He is a walking conflict of interest who intimidates City officials to get his way.

The dumb 'ole Florida "Ethics" Commission says it has dismissed the CRICHLOW complaint because I did not know the answer to its attorney's question (whether CRICHLOW was "retained by contract to represent the developer" in mediation) and because the property has now been sold to the Diocese of St. Augustine, making the mediation moot. How in the name of all that's holy did the "Ethics" Commission think I could divine that information? Does the "Ethics" Commission consists of bears of little brain, who sit around all day drinking coffee and thinking up excuses? Could they have asked, "Commissioner CRICHLOW, do you have a contract? Could we see it please?"

The "Ethics" Commission, like so many Florida government entities under dull Republicans, has delusions of adequacy.

Sorry, dumb 'ole Florida Ethics Commission. You're both ineffective and ineffectual. Your sins have found you out.

Without honest public servants, no amount of new legal authority can remedy your backward-bending labor supply curve (you're intellectually lazy). No new law can remedy the spirit of desuetude (nonenforcement) that surrounds you.

Meanwhile, tatterdemalion DONALD W. CRICHLOW is up for re-election next year. Will he dare run for re-election, after he attempted to inflict an ugly building on his own church, the St. Augustine Cathedral Parish?

CRICHLOW has no shame. This inane man actually asked Folio Weekly in 2005 (regarding the Rainbow flags on our Bridge of Lions and the 1566 murder of a Gay French translator on Menendez' orders) that if someone killed a bird or a dog several hundred years ago, "we" would not let the Audubon Society or the Humane Society "fly their flags." CRICHLOW compared Gays to birds and dogs! How rude.

We need a Democratic Governor and (drum roll, please), no more mugs and thugs thick as bugs in elected and appointed positions in Florida, destroying history and beauty for foreign-funded investors -- "developers" whom former County Commission Chair Ben Rich said were "worse than any carpetbagger."

Let freedom ring.

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