Monday, December 21, 2009

MICHAEL GOLD, pathological liar, attacks Gov. Crist, State Supreme Court and Judith Seraphin for statewide grand jury (II)

In response to my earlier posting about Judith Seraphin's Florida Supreme Court filing (in support of Governor Charles Crist's successful petition for a statewide grand jury), the shadowy operator of two local hate websites (ex-deputy, ex-campaign manager MICHAEL GOLD, a private investigator and seller of police uniforms) has opined on one of his hateful websites that asking the question of whether MICHAEL GOLD is a pathological liar is defamatory "per se."

So much for uninformed opinions of someone widely known for disinformation.

Prevaricator MICHAEL GOLD is a public figure under New York Times v. Sullivan -- in order to prevail in a libel action, GOLD would have to prove either actual malice or willful disregard of the truth. Having started a hate site, do you reckon that MICHAEL GOLD f/k/a "MICHAEL TOBIN" is a public figure, just like his pal, SHERIFF DAVID SHOAR and SHOAR's pal, GEORGE McCLURE?

Threatening and intimidating citizens is second nature to the local political machine, which long threatened citizens at public meetings, with some local developer and government mouthpieces actually writing letters threatening Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP suits) in violation of Florida law and using police powers to chill, coerce and restrain First Amendment protected activity.

We're not putting up with official oppression any longer.

The sheer number of lies told on local hate sites reminds me of the quantity of sewage dumped by our City in the San Sebastian River (611,294 gallons) and the quantity of solid waste dumped in our Old CIty Reservoir (40,000 cubic yards).

Local hate sites make up NICS and pretend to be posting on behalf of local progressives, or they make up lies about people being crazy, fat, stupid or homeless. On Christmas Eve last year, MICHAEL GOLD posted vile hatred about a lady with cancer, expressing the hope she would die a horrible painful death.

These facts are irrefragable.

The hate sites are a stench in the nostrils of the Nation's Oldest City -- just like the Ancient City's pollution -- and just like the frequent Sunshine and Open Records violations, none of which have ever been prosecuted by the State's Attorney's office.

As my friend James Nelson Ramsey (longtime DA of Anderson County, Tennessee, who recommended me for a Pulitzer Prize in 1983) said it best, "if you sue someone, you only confer rights on them."

IF the KKK-style hate website operator were ever to sue anyone for criticizing him, do you reckon that there could be numerous counterclaims for tortfeasing and fraudfeasing and RICO?

Anyone sued by hate site operators would have the right to full discovery of all information reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence. That could include a court-ordered psychiatric exam and full discovery of his income streams, including that from selling uniforms to local police departments.

Anderson County SHERIFF DENNIS O. TROTTER and his co-felons thought they were cute when they sued me for libel in East Tennessee in 1984 TROTTER and the bail bondsmen ended up paying me.

So go ahead, MICHAEL GOLD, you can threaten libel all you want.

MICHAEL GOLD is a libelled enough good and decent people in our community that any jury on Earth would see through you.

There is not one fact cited in Judith Seraphin's Forida Supreme Court amicus curiae filing that GOLD disputed. GOLD falsely stated it was "frivolous." He's lying.

Governor Cirst and Judith Seraphin were right -- MICHAEL GOLD is wrong again.

Wrong again, Philistine. MICHAEL GOLD, GEORGE McCLURE, SHERIFF DAVID SHOAR and City Manager WILLIAM B. HARRISS & his confreres could soon be looking forward to subpoenas from a statewide grand jury. Or federal grand juries.

At Reichwing FLAGLER COLLEGE, they have a "David B. Shoar Award for Academic Achievement for having the highest GPA in the class." They need to start a MICHAEL GOLD Award for Hate Website Design for having the crassest misuse of intelligence.

Meanwhile, the members of the Bully Blockers Club suggest that the members of the Irascible Haters Society of St. Johns County try beta blockers -- they might reduce their blood pressure, improve their poor judgement and lengthen their lives.

Bullying is a tort, a crime and a sin -- pray for bullies like MICHAEL GOLD f/k/a/ "MICHAEL TOBIN" and forgive them! Whether these bullies sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, anti-Gay or otherwise bigoted, my religious tradition teaches forgiveness. What do you reckon?

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