Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our "Sicko" Lobbyist-directed Scrooge Congressman, JOHN LUIGI MICA plays Scrooge on health care

Mediocrity meets mendacity: Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnel (Ky.)(right) and Republican House leader JOHN BOEHNER (Ohio) (left) -- BOEHNER appeared with Rep. JOHN LUIGI MICA at November 8, 2009 fundraiser in Altamonte Springs, while MICA's staff told 800 St. Johns County veterans that MICA was still in Washington, D.C.

Congressman JOHN LUIGI MICA is an obstructionist who voted against health care reform.
JOHN LUIGI MICA has said he loves lobbyists.
JOHN LUIGI MICA is opposed to a government run health care program.
JOHN LUIGI MICA forgets that Medicare is a government health care program.
JOHN LUIGI MICA forgets that the Department of Veterans Affairs is a government health care program.
JOHN LUIGI MICA says he thinks all government programs have fraud, waste and abuse. So do monopolistic health care corporate bureaucracies, like the ones that deny coverage to people who thought they had health insurance. See Michael Moore's movie, Sicko.
Come to think of it, JOHN LUIGI MICA is a "sicko" based on his voting against health care November 7th and then lying through staff to St. Johns County veterans November 8th that he was still in Washington (when MICA was attending a $250/head Republican fundraiser in Altamonte Springs with Republican House leader JOHN BOEHNER).
JOHN LUIGI MICA is also a Scrooge, although unlike the Dickens' character, there's not much chance JOHN LUIGI MICA will wake up tomorrow morning as a mensch.
It's time for JOHN LUIGI MICA to go.

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