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Does Duffleblog Column Remind You of Anyone? "Veterans around country running to become next douchebag congressman." (Duffleblog)

JFK was modest about being a war hero. In 1946, he responded "It was involuntary. They sank my boat." 

My dad was modest about being a war hero, not sharing key details with me until long after I was an adult. 

In contrast, some deeply disturbed (and disturbing) Dull Republican politicians want you to think that they  hung the moon and won the war. 

I pity shallow, callow, juvenile guys like that overrated, orotund, overbearing Florida National Guard Major, St. Johns County Commissioner JEREMIAH RAY BLOCKER, now a partner in the Douglas Law Firm.

JEREMIAH BLOCKER's  wife, LAUREN BLOCKER, was appointed a County Court Judge by Governor RON DeSANTIS last year 

BLOCKER's wife, LAUREN BLOCKEr, is now assigned to the DUI case, State of Florida v. NICOLE RUTH TORRES case that was attempted to be fixed with dozens of telephone calls by disgraced St. Augustine Beach Commissioner ERNESTO JUAN TORRES-PEREZ, a former National Guard Lt. Colonel who wrongfully attempted to use his influence to free his drunken wife). Blocker's wife needs to recuse herself sua sponte. 

On many occasions Commissioner JEREMIAH BLOCKER has shown himself to be unfit for duty as an elected official. He is up for re-election this year, having already raised more than $180,000.

On February 1, 2022, BLOCKER showed his ineptitude and animus -- or, as the hick hack sad sack mispronounced it, "aminus" (sic) by attacking me in retaliation for my First Amendment protected activity during that meeting calling me "anti-military" for daring to question a "full-time federal employee" lawyer moonlighting by representing city and county zoning applicants. 

It is wrong for Major GARY BRIAN DAVENPORT to moonlight as a whorish lickspittle little lawyer for destructive developers like JAY McGARVEY, who bought and closed our Corazon movie theater, an overt act and part of a pattern of anti-competitive local movie theater closings, which I reported to federal antitrust law enforcement.  

I object to Major DAVENPORT's moonlighting and will not be silenced by snowflakery, bullying, buffoonery, flummery, dupery and nincompoopery from his buddy, Major JEREMIAH RAY BLOCKER.  

After the February 1, 2022 meeting, BLOCKER went ape, ululating, mocking me for not having "the balls" to have served in our military (knowing I had rheumatic fever and arthritis and had wanted to apply to the Naval Academy until age 13.)  He also made insulting remarks about this "disbarred lawyer," who stood up for the rights of working people in "dark Satanic mills" in hellish workplaces like those in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Trumputin booster BLOCKER was trying to start a fight in the presence of law enforcement. 

I told BLOCKER that "my religious tradition teaches forgiveness."  Naturally, I forgave BLOCKER, but he never apologized  Nor would he have a conversation.

What a vulgar Philistine phony.  

When I asked when Major GARY BRIAN DAVENPORT stopped being his supervisor, BLOCKER would not answer. I think Major BLOCKER "doth protest too much" in his attack on my ethics concerns about Major DAVENPORT, a full-time federal employee, representing zoning applicants in our city and county.

As William F. Buckley, Jr. once said, "Why does baloney reject the grinder?" Full of baloney, a nasty mocker, BLOCKER demeaned LGBTQIA people by blocking a routine LGBTQIA Pride Proclamation in June 2021, similar to ones passed by the cities of St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach. 

Mean 'ole BLOCKER is mad at me for calling him out. 

BLOCKER's mad that he got caught discrimintring against LGZBTQIA+ people as a County Commissioner, violating his oath to support, preserve and defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights, 

BLOCKER is mad that he got sued.  

What a silly snooty snowflake. 

This control freak has joined with Commissioner CHRISTIAN WHITEHURST in efforts to censor and delay public comment. 

This stiff-necked authoritarian Praetorian Guard Trumper, JEREMIAH BLOCKER -- is he off his rocker?

BLOCKER is infamous for his authoritarian attacks and tries to cabin First Amendment rights, putting non-agenda public comment at the very end of the agenda, inconveniencing citizens who once could come and raise concerns.  More than a dozen of BLOCKER's Ponte Vedra constituents, including world-class neurosurgeon from Mayo Clinic who lives in constantly flooding Marsh Landing was obliged to wait for some 5-6 hours at a recent Commission meeting because of BLOCKER's hateful public comment rule, which Commission still has not changed since Chairman Henry Dean took over in November 2021.    

JEREMIAH RAY BLOCKER wants to be Congressman so much he can taste it.  

But is BLOCKER too egotistical, tacky, tawdry, tasteless, reckless, feckless, uncouth, unkind and unAmerican even to be a U.S. House Republican from North Florida? 

Does BLOCKER "need a checkup from the neck up" (as my late former client, FBI, HUD and EPA Senior Special Agent Robert E. Tyndall would say)? 

Thanks to my friend, retired Colonel Mark Tolzmann,  for sharing this cool column from Duffleblog:

Veterans around country running to become next douchebag congressman

The usual suspects.

By Taskforce Football Bat

AMERICA — With the nation moving into a critical midterm election year, veterans around the country are vying to become the next spineless piece of shit who will toe the line for their party leadership in Congress.

Campaigns across the country are promising voters more of the same old dog whistles and culture war bullshit, along with a heavy focus on fabricated issues of no consequence. But on some candidates’ websites, there’s more.  

While ensuring they pander to their base, veteran candidates are also going the extra step to highlight their service and its relevance to how well they will let down anyone hoping for a functioning constitutional democracy in Washington.

“I’m a fighter, and I’m going to go to Washington and engage in mortal combat on your behalf,” says the ‘About Me’ page of a former Green Beret running for office, “just like I did in combat, to protect your freedoms.”

These veteran candidates have many attributes that set them apart from the field - leadership experience, the privilege of having been shot at for no real reason, and the ability to say or write the word ‘veteran’ about 10,000 times per day - but they also see themselves as equipped to be effective members of Congress.

Another candidate boasts, “I was decorated for valor in combat, so that gives me license to dehumanize the public servants who were elected by my fellow citizens and whom I will soon call ‘colleagues.’”

“Have no fear, partisan base,” one candidate tells his voters, “I am a rugged individual who will douche it up immediately upon arrival in the swamp, disappointing anyone who is hoping for elected leaders to get back to governing with humility and a willingness to compromise.”

“I wasn’t afraid of the Taliban,” another candidate writes, “but I will be fucking petrified of my extreme base, living in constant fear of being seen as not obstinate, obstructionist, or damaging enough to democracy for them, just like everyone else who is elected nowadays.”

The ‘next disappointing camo wave’ has not yet reached full steam as it is early in the electoral season, but pundits predict that the phrase ‘when I was protecting our country’ will be used somewhere between 10 and 20 billion times between now and November by candidates as they compete to officially become complicit in the ills that plague our nation.

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