Saturday, February 26, 2022

Ed Slavin for Mosquito Control Commissioner, Seat 2

I'm running to be a St. Johns County Anastasia Mosquito Control Commissioner to protect your health from mosquito-borne diseases. 

My dad survived malaria in WWII, bitten by a mosquito in Sicily, where he parachuted in with the 82nd ABN DIVN, 505th P.I.R., F. Co. I saw first-hand how malaria affected my father's health. 

The next pandemic could be from mosquito-borne disease. I've helped shape mosquito control policy since 2006 as a gadfly on government waste ($1.8 million no-bid helicopter contract cancelled in 2007 after nine months of scrutiny and bipartisan outrage). 

As your St. Johns County Watchdog, Ed Slavin (that would be me), I pledge that I will help support public education about mosquito control. I will preserve and protect scientific integrity and the public fisc.  I support natural pesticides and AMCD's policy of greatly reducing use of organophosphate pesticides. 

Wonder who bought the anti-Slavin ads on local Fox and MSNBC programs? Some $22,000 in 2020 from dodgy Tallahassee PAC (Mosquitos4Justice). 

Who are they, and who inflamed them with hatred? 

What do they have to hide? 

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