Thursday, February 03, 2022

State of Florida v. Nicole Ruth Torres DUI Case Needs Special Prosecutor and Outside Judge -- or Will This Case Be "Fixed?"

Ronald Reagan said in 1988, in a tv address to the Soviet people, "Go into any courtroom, and there will preside an independent judge, beholden to no government power."

We know the past pitiful performance of political St. Johns County prosecutors in dealing with influential people -- and their boss's unexplained refusal to follow or distribute the National Prosecution Standards of the National District Attorney's Association.

Thus,  I am concerned that the DUI case against Nicole Ruth Torres may be "fixed" by the office of State's Attorney RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA.  

As they say in East Tennessee, "LARIZZA bears watchin'."

Ms. Torres' husband, disgraced former St. Augustine Beach Commissioner ERNESTO JUAN TORRES-PEREZ allegedly committed dozens of overt acts of obstruction of justice after his wife was arrested for DUI, including contacting Sheriff Robert Hardwick (at least one call), Police Chief Daniel Carswell (29 calls) and the Police Commander (another 18 calls) -- at least some 48 telephone calls.

We need an independent prosecutor and a judge from another judicial district to be assigned to this case.

Therefore, I have placed my concerns about the need for a special prosecutor and an outside judge in front of the decisionmakers, including LARIZZA & Co., the Governor, Chief Judge, trial judge and defense counsel. 

If the case is "fixed." we will know soon. 

An independent prosecutor would be prosecuting former St. Augustine Beach City Commissioner ERNESTO JUAN TORRES-PEREZ for his overt acts of obstruction of justice. 

Let justice be done though the heavens fall. 

Here's the e-mail inquiry that I sent this morning:  

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From: Ed Slavin <>
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Sent: Thu, Feb 3, 2022 11:51 am
Subject: Legal Ethics Issues re: State of Florida v. Nicole Ruth Torres, St. Johns County Court, Criminal Case No. 22000165CTMA

Dear Chief Judge Clayton, County Court Judge Blocker, and Messrs. Hilbert, Larizza, Shorstein, Uthmeier and Desantis, et al.:

1. Will County Court Judge Lauren Patricia Blocker be recusing herself from this case? 
2. Will a special prosecutor from another judicial district be appointed by the Governor?
3. Will a related motion or order be filed?
4. This case involves an alleged DUI and the case is currently assigned to Judge Lauren Blocker.  The DUI case reportedly involved a series of possible obstructions of justice and other improper activities to harass and impede the arresting officers, attempting to "fix" the case by calling Sheriff Robert Hardwick and St. Augustine Beach Police Chief Daniel Carswell [who was reportedly called by Mr. Torres-Perez some twenty-nine (29) times, along with another eighteen (18) calls to the SABPD Commander, for a total of 47 calls in some twelve hours].
5. The defendant's husband -- and a possible future defendant in any related civil, criminal or administrative actions -- is a retired Lt. Colonel in our Florida National Guard, Ernesto Juan Torres-Perez.
6. Our Florida National Guard employs the husband of the currently assigned trial judge in the DUI case, County Judge Lauren Blocker, as a J.A.G. Corps Major.
7. County Court Judge Lauren Blocker's husband, FNG J.A.G. Corps Major Jeremiah Ray Blocker, is also: 
  • a St. Johns County Commissioner 
  • an apparent FNG colleague, friend and/or political supporter of former City Commissioner Ernesto Juan Torres-Perez, spouse of the DUI defendant;
  • a member of the Douglas Law Firm, which helped assist the St. Augustine Beach Police to file an Ethics Commission complaint against the DUI defendant's disgraced ex-husband for abuse of his public office to assist his wife).
8. Would you please be so kind as to provide me with PDFs of any motions or agreed orders or any other orders of the Court or Governor, on having an independent prosecutor or an outside judge assigned, or both?

Thank you.

With kindest regards, I am,

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