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Watch Movie, "Bloody St. Augustine," About Civil Rights Movement Here

Former TV News Anchor/Reporter Marks Black History Month Giving Away Free Access and Downloads To His Award-Winning Documentary About Martin Luther King  in "Bloody St. Augustine, Florida"

Jacksonville, Florida  -- A former First Coast News reporter and Saturday morning anchor announced he's offering free downloads for personal and institutional use to his hour long award winning documentary about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 1964 campaign in 'Bloody' St. Augustine Florida.  
        Documentary filmmaker Clennon L. King, who spent nearly a decade in Jacksonville and reported for multiple news outlets including First Coast News, Jacksonville's NBC and ABC news affiliate, said he's sharing his documentary, "Passage at St. Augustine" to anyone who wants it for personal and institutional use. (Click to view film trailer.) 
        "As Black History Month approaches, I especially want Black school children in Florida to know how pivotal Dr. King's Florida campaign was to getting the Civil Rights Act of '64 passed into law," said King (no relation) who resides in his native Albany, Georgia. "What happened in St. Augustine in '64 was key to outlawing Jim Crow segregation from coast to coast." 
         The film is about St. Augustine civil rights campaign, widely regarded as the bloodiest of the entire Civil Rights Movement, that reached a boiling point in the spring and summer of 1964 in St. Augustine, Florida.  
           The film won the Henry Hampton Award of Excellence in Documentary Filmmaking at the 2015 Roxbury International Film Festival. It features a number of national luminaries, including Dr. King, President Lyndon Johnson, Rev. C.T. Vivian, Rev. Andrew Young, St. Augustine historian David Nolan and the leader of the local campaign, the legendary Dr. Robert B. Hayling. 
            Taking 13 years to complete, the film premiered in 2015 on Martha's Vineyard. The documentary has been screened nationwide, including at Harvard University, University of Texas at Austin and the National Park Service in New York City and Atlanta. Florida screenings have been hosted by Flagler College, University of North Florida, University of South Florida, Hillsborough Community College Ybor City, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg College and The Sarasota Manatee Alumni Chapter of Florida A&M University. 
           King studied film at NYU's Grad School of Film, but said he learned the craft of visual storytelling as a TV news journalist, reporting for WALA Mobile, WSB Atlanta, KXAS Dallas, WGBH Boston, WSVN Miami and WTLV/WJXX Jacksonville. King was also a correspondent for The Florida Times Union, Florida Trend and Jacksonville Business Journal.   
           To view the film in its entirety, or download it free of charge, please click this hyperlink, or the film teaser below.  

Passage at St. Augustine™ 080417

This hourlong documentary is about the bloodiest campaign of the entire Movement that led directly to the passage of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

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