Friday, February 11, 2022

Nazi war criminal Fritz Sauckel said, "Only a few troublemakers opposed us."

Convicted Nazi war criminal Fritz Sauckel once said, "Only a few troublemakers opposed us." 

That's what Fritz Sauckel, the Nazi Gauleiter of Thuringia and Labor Minister over forced labor, upon his arrest.
Ann Tusa & John Tusa, The Nuremberg Trials @ 38

Fritz Sauckel was executed after his conviction in the Nuremberg trial.  He supervised forced labor for millions of people kidnapped and forced to work in German factories for the Nazi Wehtmacht.

"Troublemakers" is the preferred arrogant bossy employer argot for ethical resisters, or whistleblowers.

"Only a few troublemakers opposed us."

That's what DJT and other unAmerican authoritarians say, and think.  

It's the prevailing attitude at governments whenever unAmerican misanthropes are in charge.

It's used to isolate and gaslight persons engaged in First Amendment protected activity.

We heard it expressed when WILLIAM BARRY HARRISS was the unseemly St. Augustine City Manager.  One of his poltroons stable of City Commissioners even taunted activists after an election when apathy and ignorance auto-re-elected several of the bunch, with SUSAN BURK expressing the view that the election returns must mean people were delighted with HARRISS' regime, most noted for its.nastiness and for dumping a landfill in a lake. 

We heard a similar expression of gaslighting this week at the School Board, when School Board member PATRICK "DUCKS" CANAN ducked the issues and falsely said "no other parents complained" about moldy St. Augustine High School Wrestling mats making athletes sick. 

I have repeatedly asked for documentation of this false claims at the School Board. 

No response.

As William F. Buckley, Jr. once asked, "Why does baloney reject the grinder."

Does PATRICK THOMAS CANAN have delusions of adequacy?"

His remarks at the February 8, 2022 School Board meeting were misleading, ugly, stark and raw.

A putative Democrat, does CANAN have any appreciation for environmental justice and children's health?

Why did he emit such errant nonsense about moldy wrestling mats at St. Augustine High School?

Is catty PAT CANAN an "Undercover Republican? 

You tell me.

We do know that many of our local Dull Republican leaders are likewise ethically impaired, as when one of their leaders endorsed mass murders of 49 Gays in Orlando.  

We meed a functioning local political system, not an oligarchy dominated by inauthentic, unresoonsive autocrats, as FDR and Dante would say, "frozen in the ice of their own indifference."

From the archives of this blog:

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Not one St. Johns County Republican has apologized for MARTIN MILLER, St. Augustine Republican Club Chair, stating on the Kerry McCarthy Show, WFOY radio, June 13, 2016 that the 49 Gays killed in Orlando on June 12, 2016 "got what they deserved. MILLER is now calling the station again -- apparently without a seven second delay or taping system.

A week after his anti-Gay hate speech, MILLER stated:

"I hope that the troublemakers aren't going to make trouble out of this because they seem to have a brain problem and are changing what I say."

-- MARTIN MILLER, St. Augustine Republican Club Chair, on the Kerry McCarthy Show, WFOY radio, June 20, 2016

"Only a few troublemakers opposed us." 
-- Nazi Gauleiter of Thuringia and Labor Minister over forced labor, upon his arrest.
Ann Tusa & John Tusa, The Nuremberg Trials @ 38

Nazi Gauleiter Fritz Sauckel expressed the same sentiment as too many Republicans, government and business leaders. 

Our misguided government leaders, from MARTY MILLER to City Halls to Washington, D.C., refer to ethical people as "troublemakers" and as "not team players. 

We know what they really want -- fawning obeisance and yes-people.

Too many workplaces are tyrannies. 

They are typified by the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation air pollution regulatory manager who in the 1990s told his subordinate supervisor that the State of Tennessee owned his mind for 7 1/2hours a day, and that if he told him to jump off a roof, he must “jump off a roof.”  

We need more ethical employees and fewer Fritz Sauckels.

We need more "troublemakers" and fewer corrupt crypto-fascists.

For the record, the Nuremberg Trials heard the evidence of Fritz Sauckel's war crimes against humanity. They convicted Fritz Sauckel and executed him. 

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