Friday, February 04, 2022

County Commission denies new development off SR 207 (Jacksonville Business Journal)

Another day in Paradise, another victory over mediocrity, kakistocracy, kleptocracy and devious developers. 

"Ideas have consequences," as the late Deputy UN Ambassador, José Sorzano, my Georgetown University Political Theory professor, put it.

Some 67 speakers spoke out against metastatic growth at the Grown Management workshop on January 25, 2022.  One week later, there was a 3-2 majority to reject a corporate kleptocrat's latest insanity, Pulte Homes' Winding Oaks development. (Love how developers and their propagandeists name their stinky projects after the nature that they're destroying, not unlike putting lipstick on a pig.)

I spoke against this lousy project, as did residents of Vermont Heights. 

Why would the St. Augustine Record ignore this story?  

GANNETT is an abortion, a journalistic whorehouse untethered to our town, cutting staff to the bone and discouraging reasoned discourse on public issues.

The Jacksonville Business Journal covered it.  But we were not quoted by developer fanboy Stuart Korfhage, formerly Managing Editor with the St. Augustine Record, now with the Jacksonville Business Journal. 

 I pointed out that in 2021, Pulte Homes was fined $13,700 by the State of Florida for destroying some 22 gopher tortoise burrows in Marion County.  I said the irrefragable evidence establishes that Pulte is an unjust steward of our environment. Pulte is the Nation's third largest home builder.

The devious developer's local frontman responded with a non sequitur: he said that the gopher tortoise burrow destruction in a different county, as dopey an excuse as ever emitted by an uncouth developer energumen in defense of the indefensible. 

Thanks to Commissioners Henry Dean, Jeremiah Blocker nad Paul Waldron. No thanks to Commissioner Christian Whitehurst and Commissioner Sarah Arnold, appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis to take the place of Commissioner Jeb Smith.  

After the January 25, 2022 Growth Management Workshop, we know who's heeding the will of the people and who cares about the future of our County, which is under constant assault by unethical, unenlightened, misguided, wildlife-killing, wetland-filling, clearcutting corporate thugs, "worse than any carpetbagger," in the words of former County Commission Chair Ben Rich, Sr. 

From Jacksonville Busniess Journal: 

County Commission denies new development off SR 207

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