Tuesday, December 16, 2014

City Visioning Committee Lacks Diversity: IN HAEC VERBA -- Letter to Two New Commissioenrs

Dear Mayor Shaver and Commissioner Neville:
May I please suggest that each of you, as new Commissioners, each kindly appoint three (3) new members to join the Visioning Committee?
The Visioning Committee is all white and middle or upper class.
Each member was appointed by a City Commissioner. Two of those commissioners have left office.
Thus, 40% of the members were appointed by former elected officials.
Our Visioning Committee lacks diversity.
No African-Americans.
No Hispanics.
No working class people.
No openly Gay or Lesbian people.
No noted civil rights, environmental or historic preservation activists.
How embarrassing.
We expect better of our Nation's Oldest City.
Thank you.
With kindest regards, I am,
Sincerely yours,
Ed Slavin

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Warren Celli said...

And we need homeless people on the committee.

Homeless people that the CURRENT city opportunity denying policies have created AND STILL ARE creating!

We need honest people that do not walk on their knees (like our current religious leaders do).

We need people that would talk about morality and absolution.

People that know that absolution does not come with the mere admission of guilt.

People that know that forgivenes comes with adherence to good moral principles.

People that know that good moral principles demand righting both past and present wrongs.

Good moral principles that demand repaying the pigdebt. [Pigdebt is the total amount of recompense due to those who have been harmed, financially, physically, and emotionally, by the willful and intentional immoral usurpation of the 'rule of law' by Xtrevilist pigs for selfish gain.]

We shall overcome if we all expect better of ourselves.

With kindest regards, I am,
Sincerely yours,
Warren Celli
St Augustine, president and CEO of the Fountain of Baloney™.