Saturday, December 27, 2014

It's been a wonderful decade. Thank you for being a part of it! The work continues…...

Gay Pride Rainbow Flags on Bridge of Lions June 8-13, 2005, By Federal Court Order of Honorable Henry Lee Adams, Jr., Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida

Preserving and Protecting St. Augustine From Those Whom John Muir Called "Temple Destroyers"

Our Nation's Oldest City FINALLY spent some $10 million remedying Riberia Street neglect after we invoked our 1871 Civil Rights Act (Ku Klux Klan Act) and our Fourteenth Amendment to our United States Constitution (Equal Protection clause)

Ex-Mayor LEN WEEKS a/k/a "CLAUDE LEONARD WEEKS Fined for Recklessly Destroying 210 Year Old Spanish Colonial Don Pedro Fornells House Without Permits

Exposing Greed, Bigotry, Waste, Fraud, Abuse, Misfeasance, Malfeasance, Nonfeasance, Flummery, Dupery and Nincompoopery

We, The People WON, Reversing No-Bid $1.8 Million Bell Jet Luxury Helicopter Purchase for Mosquito Control, Exposing Sunshine Violations by Board Chair, Winning Full Deposit Refund on Fancy Helicopter Incapable of Killing a Single "Skeeter"
(Mosquito Control Is Becoming a World Model on Organic Mosquito Control Without Poisons, Thanks to YOU)

Halting 7-Eleven's Threat To Our Historic Neighborhoods
Yes we can!

Global Climate Change Threatens Our Way of Life
St. Augustine National Historical Park and National Seashore Promises Coastal Erosion Planning, Protection for Nature and History Watch YouTube video

Halted Commissioners Pretextual Firing of 16 St. Augustine Beach Police as Retaliation for First Amendment Protected Activity in Blowing the Whistle About Police Chief's Alleged Misconduct

Uncovering The Facts On Crony Capitalist Government

City Fined for Illegal Dumping of Landfill in Lake, Sewage in Saltwater Marsh; Millions Wasted on Environmental Disasters

Exposed No-Bid, Below-Market Lucrative Lease of City Property to Favored Ex-Mayor LEN WEEKS and Mayor JOE BOLES, Ripping Off City for $2-3 Million Over 25 Years -- The Ripoff Continues but All City Contracts Will Be Subject of Forensic Audits, and Mayor BOLES Was Defeated by Informed, Empowered Residents -- "We, The People"

PIERRE THOMPSON, Grandson of St. Augustine Record Founder, Fined For Destroying Bald Eagle Nest Tree

"Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant"
Informing People About Corporate Oligarchs

The Unmaking of A Mayor 2014
Epic Election Campaign Unites Nation's Oldest City
Incumbent Loses to "Newcomer" and "Upstart" With Support of "We, The People"

Shock and Awe

The Dawn of a New Day in St. Augustine

Healing Begins

See you next year!

Ed Slavin
P.O Box 3084
St. Augustine, Florida 32085-3084


Anonymous said...



"Never forget."

We, the People


Continued good health and stamina during their 450th clustercluck.

Good night, Gracie.

Tom Reynolds said...

Great job Ed !
You r the best reporter in the State.

Warren Celli said...

Great job Ed!

Looking forward... let's break down the blue wall of silence in policing and the green wall of $ilence that creates and allows it.

Let's put the sociopathic disease of Xtrevilism on the eradication list;

We shall overcome!!!