Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Fired Hatch Act Violator CHARLES SERAPHIN Threatens Lawsuit

Read all about it here.


Warren Celli said...

Ho hum... The big 'smart' kids with their fifty cent educations are fighting. This is a comparatively chump change deflective internecine struggle within the Green Wall of $ilence as the pigdebt becomes more and more immoral and unbearable.

As per the strict code of silence, and lies of omission, no mention of the pigdebt is ever made. [Pigdebt is the total amount of recompense due to those who have been harmed, financially, physically, and emotionally, by the willful and intentional immoral usurpation of the 'rule of law' by Xtrevilist pigs for selfish gain.]

Meanwhile... the masses, no longer distracted by this system bile and intentional CONplexity, take to the streets united in non divisive purpose under the slogan "I can't breathe!"

We shall overcome!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the most activity we've had from Charlie Seraphin in the past 4 years!

Just had to motivate him.