Monday, December 29, 2014

"Mass Weddings" or Individual Nuptials for Gay and Lesbian Couples in St. Augustine

It is being reported by AP that "the Greater Fort Lauderdale Visitor and Convention Bureau is also waiting for a decision. It filmed an advertisement and has it ready to go out, pushing the area for same-sex beach weddings. 'That’s when the whole campaign kicks off,' explained Virginia Sheridan, spokesperson for the Greater Fort Lauderdale Visitor and Convention Bureau. “To have weddings, honeymoons, to promote just the wonderful opportunity to have a wonderful welcoming relationship happen here, take place here and be officiated here.'
Once the law allows it, organizers plan to hold a mass wedding with 100 gay and straight couples who are ready to hold hands and walk down the sandy aisle. “It’s going to be on Fort Lauderdale Beach,' she said. 'It’s going to be a sunrise ceremony. There’s going to be an officiant, so it will be a marriage that is done with respect, honoring everyone.'”

Sounds like one of Rev. Moon's mass weddings of thousands of his followers, or Alexander the Great's wedding ceremony for 80 of his officers.

Sounds kind of crowded. Kind of creepy. Ft. Lauderdale? Yuck. It's a big city. No charm. It reminds me of what JFK said about Washington, D.C.: "A city of Northern charm and Southern efficiency."

Lots of hot sun, sand and toaster ovens. In a word, too tacky for words?

What do you reckon?

St. Augustine offers a hip, quiet, cool, historic alternative to the "mass wedding" and madding crowd in built-up urban areas like Ft. Lauderdale. Check us out.

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