Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Who complained? No one. What's next?

Today's Record knells on how the City of St. Augustine is going to increase efficiency by violating Sunshine laws, which we are told are inefficient.

Assistant City Manager TIMMY BURCHFIELD now admits he has "no documents" that any citizen has ever complained about being constrained in their ability to do work as a member of a board, commission, advisory committee or task force by our Florida Sunshine law.

No one complained.

Thus, the putative basis for Sunshine violations for the City's Flagler College Town and Gown Task Force is illusory.


Flummery, dupery and nincompoopery.

Bean-counter CPA TIMMY BURCHFIELD says violating Sunshine will let the work go faster. No documentation for that. No legal opinion.

Just TIMMY BURCHFIELD's Whim of Iron.

Let's see, that's TIMMY BURCHFIELD's one vote vs. Article I, Section 24 of our Florida Constitution, enacted by vote of 83% of Florida voters (3.8 million) on November 7, 1992 (drafted by University of Florida Law Professor Joseph Little).

Who's going to win this one?

We, The People.

Time for TIMMY BURCHFIELD to retire and go play golf with his mentor/master, former City Manager WILLIAM BRUCE HARRISS.

What do y'all reckon?


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I have no documents responsive to this request

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