Tuesday, December 09, 2014

VCB and TDC Get Mayor Nancy Shaver as New Member: Guess Who's Going to Be Asking Questions and Demanding Answers Now?

City Attorney Isabelle Lopez tried to obstruct her appointment last night. No legal basis given. Boles held both gigs. Stinky.


Warren Celli said...

What are VCB and TDC?

They sound like venereal diseases.

Who will be asking what questions of whom and demanding what answers now?

Has the inbreeding, arrogance, and CONplexity gone so far in the Green Wall of $ilence that we no longer speak in clear English?

I feel like I can't breathe.

Ed Slavin said...

St. Johns Visitor and Convention Bureau, Inc.
St. Johns County Tourist Development Council.
Criminal Civil Rights and Antitrust violations with bed tax funding?
Hazel O'Leary fined staff for using acronyms.
Point well taken, Warren Celli.
Please read prior posts.