Friday, December 26, 2014

James B. Edwards, RIP: Words to live by

Dr. James B. Edwards

President Ronald Reagan's first Secretary of Energy, former South Carolina Governor, Dr. James B. Edwards, D.D.S. has died at 87.

Dr. Edwards, a dental surgeon, was asked at his 1981 confirmation hearing, Senator Howard Metzenbaum asked about Republican campaign pledges to dismantle the Department of Energy. AP reported, "But former South Carolina Gov. James B. Edwards Reagan's choice to head the embattled agency was reluctant to repeat that vow at his Senate confirmation hearing. "Isn't it funny how things change after an election?" asked an amused Sen. Howard Metzenbaum (D- Ohio) 'Senator, it's much easier to throw a hand grenade than catch one.'"

Dr. Edwards' pick was counterintuitive, but he joked that as an oral surgeon he knew a lot about drilling.

Dr. Edwards resigned before the Oak Ridge mercury pollution was declassified. Smart career move.

Dr. Edwards went on to be President of the head the South Carolina University of Medicine for seventeen years.

James B. Edwards, RIP: Words to live by

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