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Bliss's Letter: Mobility group "political taint"

Good letter on mobility by Jay and Peggy Bliss.
Decisions are made by those who show up.
Ask questions.
Demand answers.
Hold staff accountable.
Hold contractor Littlejohn accountable.

HCN Letter: Political taint of the Mobility Task Force
Posted on June 3, 2016
Letter: Political taint of the Mobility Task Force
Jay and Peggy Bliss
St Augustine

Dear Editor:

I have written an open letter to City Manager John Regan and the current city commissioners. Please share this with your readers.

The televised City Commission meetings on file is truly a benefit for all of St Augustine. It’s instructive to revisit the Littlejohn presentation of April 25th.

You outlined a comprehensive holistic approach to Mobility—ease of getting around with predictability. You spoke of goals. I don’t think you listed any. What specifically are we looking to achieve with this $100k (Plus) expense?

Littlejohn’s Joel Graeff states the 3-day charrette, with walking tour, will provide quick wins. Is this the June 8-9-10 meetings that will already provide quick wins?

Graeff states that the Mobility Task Force will be his eyes and ears. The Task Force will gather the data. He said he’ll be dealing with “citizens” instead of “politicians”.

The Task Force, in particular the one presently composed, guarantees that resident input will be filtered. That resident input will be buffered. That business interests will be highlighted.

Within the organizational structure of St Augustine we have eleven Neighborhood Associations. If indeed Littlejohn needs “eyes and ears”, would not a delegate from each association make an effective committee? What is the real motivation to creating a group with 40 percent non-city residents?

If Littlejohn needs “eyes and ears” and if Mr. Graeff needs more than a Lancaster County drive-about that he listed in his credentials, let’s have a task force. Of moderate size, of city-voting status.

The horse and carriages of Lancaster County still exist; the horses and carriages (and scooters and runners and bicyclists and Daytona Racetrackers and cars and trucks…) still charge the streets of St Augustine.

Why throw into the mix the political taint of this Mobility Task Force?

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