Thursday, June 02, 2016

Heckling by Commissioner SAMUELS' Spouse Must Stop

Angry SABCA VP ROBERT SAMUELS heckles and gesticulates wildly during public comments with which he disagrees: here, like a one-man Greek Chorus, ROBERT SAMUELS responds on-camera June 1, 2016 after citizen Thomas F. Reynolds, Jr. stated that Commissioner  ANDREA SAMUELS "failed us" by not attending County budget hearing and for not speaking out for St. Augustine Beach priorities such as better bus service, children's recreation and better library service hours.  SAMUELS is one angry man, hostile to First Amendment protected activity, such as that by Mr. William Rosenstock, whose jury trial commences on June 20, 2016 before Judge Tinlin.

Ed Slavin speaking while ROBERT SAMUELS smirks and scowls.

Thanks to St. Augustine Beach Commissioner ANDREA SAMUELS for finally calling out her husband, St. Augustine Beach Civic Association VP ROBERT SAMUELS, for his conduct during Commission meetings.

From the dais, Commissioner ANDREA SAMUELS called out ROBERT SAMUELS for his heckling an octogenarian speaker at the June 1, 2016 St. Augustine Beach City Commission meeting.

ROBERT SAMUELS has over the years sometimes taken the podium to chill, coerce and intimidate First Amendment protected activity, acting like a honky-tonk medley of Donald Trump, Frank Rizzo and Cato the Censor, the Republican Lord of All He Surveys.

ROBERT SAMUELS will sometimes sit in the audience in view of the camera focused on the podium, so his nonverbal communication is on display for cable tv and live streaming internet tv viewers, like a one-man Greek Chorus.

Last night, ROBERT SAMUELS was making a scene, once again, while longtime St. Augustine Beach resident Robert Kahler was speaking, complaining of what he contended were too-long meetings and wrongheaded policies, invoking what he called a "Jewish" word, "tushy."

ROBERT SAMUELS showed his emotional problems with Mr. Kahler's First Amendment protected activity, loudly interrupting the speaker, who has been a presence at Beach Commission meetings long before the SAMUELS ever moved to St. Augustine Beach.

For once, Commissioner ANDREA SAMUELS called ROBERT SAMUELS out for it: "Robert! ... Robert!"

Thank you, Commissioner SAMUELS.

Footnote: in 2009, ROBERT SAMUELS bragged to dinner guests, including me, that his former "job" was once to buy, sell and hold real estate for organized crime figures. True or not, it is revealing that ROBERT SAMUELS considers that working as a mafia real estate strawman is something to brag about.

Left to right: Respondent Sheriff's Department employee (and SABCA President) WILLIAM JONES, Commissioner ANDREA SAMUELS, et ux, SABCA VP ROBERT SAMUELS.

"Be not afraid" (the first words ever spoken by Pope John Paul II, in the Bible dozens of times).

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