Monday, June 06, 2016


"The Break Room," a weak, weakly City of St. Augustine fifteen minute PR venture, is broadcast on Flagler College Radio every Wednesday at 5t pm and every Saturday at 8 AM on WFCF-FM 88.8, Flagler College "Radio with a Reason." The program purports to give insight into the government of the City of St. Augustine, but features only government employees.
Not once in two years has an African-American appeared.
Institutional racism is alive and well at the City of St. Augustine,
The program purports to be about the "nuts and bolts" of the City of St. Augustine, eschewing the "nuts and dolts" who make so many mistakes -- maladroit mismanagers and certified weird agents like:
o Assistant City Manager TIMOTHY BURCHFIELD A/K/A "SUNSHINE," who lied in court affidavit about 45 pounds of documents he claimed did not exist; and
o City Attorney ISABELLE CHRISTINE LOPEZ, a/k/a MADAM MALPRACTICE, who failed to take steps to get court-ordered attorney fees against VIRGINIA WHETSONE, despite discussions in the March 10, 2014 Shade Meeting in Whetstone v. City of St. Augustine dock case"

I hereby volunteer to take Paul Williamson's place during his annual vacation, and to interview BURCHFIELD and LOPEZ.

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