Thursday, June 02, 2016

"Someone" cares in St. Augustine Beach -- Citizen Thomas F. Reynolds, Jr. Puts Mosquito Control Property on Agenda

Since Margo Pope retired, the struggling St. Augustine Record seldom gives credit to public comment speakers and activists, eschewing anything that would empower the people vs. the powerful. The WRecKord prefers to suck up to sucky politicians like corrupt Sheriff DAVID SHOAR f/k/a "HOAR" and his stable of whores, for whom he bundles contributions of developer cash.

This morning's St. Augustine Record is no exception. Last night, June 1, 2016, Citizen Thomas F. Reynolds, Jr. suggested that St. Augustine Beach consider acquiring the 500 Old Beach Road former headquarters of the Anastasia Mosquito Control District of St. Johns County for a park. I agreed, suggesting the park should be named for Ms. Robin Nadeau, the late environmental activist, who helped spearhead efforts to cancel a no-bid illegal contract for a $1.8 million luxury jet helicopter.

The Record demurely referred to Mr. Reynolds only as "Someone."


Mr. Reynolds a/k/a "Someone" cares about library hours, children's recreation and bus service in St. Augustine Beach, issues local politicians refuse to act on. "Someone" ought to be a Commissioner.

Mayor Richard O'Brien and Commissioner S. Gary Snodgrass agreed with Mr. Reynolds (and me) that data should be gathered on the mosquito control property.

Commissioner ANDREA SAMUELS erroneously stated the property is "owned" by the City of St. Augustine.  (In reality, the other itty-bitty city, the City of St. Augustine, apparently has a "right of reverter" if the land is not transferred to another government. Not knowing what in tarnation she's talking about has never deterred Ms. SAMUELS from opining.)

"Someone" a/k/a Thomas F. Reynolds, Jr. ought to run against Commissioner ANDREA SAMUELS, a/k/a "Ms. Catty Nasty Know-it-all".

Here's the Record's article, which refers to Mr. Reynolds as "Someone":
St. Augustine Beach to gather info on mosquito control property
Posted: June 1, 2016 - 11:36pm | Updated: June 2, 2016 - 11:57am

The Anastasia Mosquito Control's previous offices were at 500 Old Beach Road in St. Augustine Beach. It is now moving to a new property off State Road 16. Daron.DEAN@STAUGUSTINE.COM

St. Augustine Beach commissioners on Wednesday approved an event permit for a September 5K and discussed sign code changes as well as Anastasia Mosquito Control District property.

The district has been finishing up its new mosquito control facility off EOC Drive near State Road 16, which will serve as its new headquarters.

In April, staff had already begun moving from the Old Beach Road headquarters, according to a previous St. Augustine Record report. That property is near the State Road 312 and State Road A1A intersection.

On Wednesday night, public comment brought up the issue of what will happen to the old property. Someone suggested that the Beach buy it and use it for recreation space.

Commissioner Gary Snodgrass said he thinks the city should get more information about the property. He also said he was not advocating that the beach buy it.

“I think we need to take a look at providing a park environment for the children of our city,” Snodgrass said.

Mayor Rich O’Brien asked City Manager Max Royle to gather environmental information on the land. He said after the meeting that the request is so that information can be on hand in case the beach decides to consider purchasing the property, which is not currently on the table.

“It’s not currently on the list of projects,” O’Brien said.

The mosquito control district serves all of St. Johns County.

A new event was also approved on Wednesday.

Commissioners voted to approve a special events permit for the “Feel the Love 5K,” a race planned for Sept. 10 with a 400-participant cap, according to the application. The race is being held for a local woman who needs a heart transplant, said Cristan Carmon, president of St. Augustine United Inc., the nonprofit hosting the race.

The race route has changed, and the path is now the same as the run that benefits the Betty Griffin House, which takes place in the spring.

Residents on roads that are affected will be able to leave their properties during the race, officials said.

Proposed changes to the city’s sign code were also discussed.

Susan Erdelyi, attorney with the Marks Gray firm of Jacksonville, is handling the changes and gave a presentation to the commission. The changes still need two public hearings to go into effect, and Erdelyi plans to do more research based on commissioner feedback.

She said the regulations no longer categorize signs based on content, like political speech.

She also advised the city not to allow any group to put signs on public property because content restrictions can’t be made.

“Once you allow one, you have to allow any one,” Erdelyi said.

Also, near the end of the meeting, Snodgrass said he’s been discussing salary management with city staff. He said information will be coming before the July meeting about salary ranges for every position in the city and performance-based increases, as well as a suggestion for adopting the salary ranges.

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