Friday, September 25, 2015

National GLBT Boycott of Cordorva Inn/DOW PUD (IF it ever opens)?

A Gay man (Kenneth Worcester Dow) dedicated some 63 years (1939-2002) preserving and protecting nine historic homes as a museum, with the State of Florida investing some $2.1 million in protecting them as the Dow Museum of Historic Homes.

It took seconds for Daytona Museum of Arts and Sciences managers to de-accession the homes and sell them to speculator DAVID BARTON CORNEAL. "No comment" from the Commissioners.

It took seconds four City Commissioners to vote 4-1 to allow DAVID BARTON CORNEAL to destroy one of the homes and then a few more hours to vote 4-1 allow the homes to be converted into a fancy-bears $500/night hotel for the rich, bordering often flooded and sewage-polluted streets.  Our Commissioners (Mayor Nancy Shaver dissenting) ignored the evidence and were plagued with conflicts of interest and reliance upon a misleading, biased, unscholarly University of Florida "Opinion Paper" that talked only to the owner, his project manager, our City Manager and one Commissioner).


You betcha.

Contemptuous of our Gay American history here in St. Augustine.


I am prepared to recommend that my Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters call for a nationwide boycott of any resulting hotel (CORDOVA INN) wrought from the corrupt City Commission on the DOW MUSEUM OF HISTORIC HOMES.  Remembering the case of Rinde v. Woodward & Lothrop?

(more later)

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