Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Nixonian NEVILLE, Resign: You've Created a Constitutional Crisis. Enough.

Nixonian NEVILLE should resign. Now. Before he's removed by the voters through a recall petition drive and recall election. Enough hatefulness -- his directing our City Attorney to send a "retraction" letter on the 450th anniversary of our City is a stench in the nostrils of the Nation. As nearly everyone agrees, ODD TODD NEVILLE has shown himself unfit for public service, using City Attorney time and City funds for witch hunting Michael Gold and Historic City News with a bogus "defamation" or libel action.
Ruining the "era of good feelings" after the 450th by misusing City staff, time, equipment and Commissioners' valuable time is despicable. ODD TODD NEVILLE is truly scary. No other public official here would do such a thing. Nixonian NEVILLE has created a constitutional crisis: everyone in town is disgusted. The egotistical ODD NEVILLE must resign.

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