Saturday, September 26, 2015

"No wake zone" on Cordova Street! (CORDOVA INN: "A River Runs Through It")

City Public Affairs Director PAUL WILLIAMSON, interviewing City engineer REUBEN FRANKLIN this morning on the City's PR-propaganda program on WFCF-FM Flagler College Radio 88.5 (Radio With a Reason"), discussed how "Cordova Street is a no-wake zone."

That's the street where four uninformed City Commissioners voted August 25th after midnight to approve the CORDOVA INN, a 30-room hotel in a residential neighborhood, ignoring the wealth of evidence presented by 64% of the speakers.

Which bankers or investors is DAVID CORNEAL approaching to invest in a soggy high-end hotel?

Which national hotel chain will invest money in a fancy-bears hotel where guests' valet-parked cars might arrive soaked, with their electronics ruined by frequently-flooed streets?  How many sewage spills on neighboring streets will it take before CORNEAL's FOLLY is over?

King Street, not far from the proposed CORDOVA INN: 
Reform Mayor Nancy Shaver says St. Augustine needs a $100 million pumping system to end pandemic flooding.  
In the 1880s, Henry Flagler filled in Cordova Street, which City Public Affairs Director Paul WILLIAMSON jokingly calls "Cordova Creek." 
It's no joke: Cordova Street was Maria Sanchez Creek and wetlands.
Then Standard Oil Trust co-conspirator Henry Flagler built a special temporary Florida East Coast Railway spur line, filling in Maria Sanchez Creek, creating Maria Sanchez Lake, and causing more than a century of flooding in St. Augustine, much built on maladroit filling of our wetlands.

Standard Oil Trust's brains were in the mind of Henry Flagler.  Henry Demarest Lloyd wrote that the Standard Oil Trust "did everything to the Pennsylvania legislature except refine it."  Then Flagler headed south, to St. Augustine, where he bossed and bullied the town, filling in Maria Sanchez Lake (today's Cordova Street, which St. Augustine Public Affairs Director PAUL WILLIAMSON calls "Cordova Creek").  Truer words were never spoken.   Remember, bankers, investors: when it comes to DAVID CORNEAL's folly (Cordova Inn), "A River Runs Through It." Do your due diligence, please.

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Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that this David Barton Corneal has the support of the city commissioners, (not Mayor Shaver) on a controversial PUD. Was it not him that relieved the city of that pesky Bombay Market property on MLK and Bridge. And another property just east of US1 on King Street that sat empty for a long time both before and after a remodel by Len Weeks Construction. I don't think city owned but a curious investment nonetheless. By name it appears his son opened a legal office there.