Thursday, September 17, 2015

No, Americans Do Not Curtsey (Or Curtsy)

Spanish King and Queen visiting St. Augustine today. Viva!  Welcome them. 
But don't curtsy (or curtsey). 
We fought a revolution against a monarchy -- the first democracy established by defeating an empire. We Americans don't curtsy (or curtsey) before monarchs, the cutesy stupid St. Augustine Record editorial, unsourced as it is, to the contrary.
We remember First Lady Nancy Reagan curtseying (or curtsying) with disgust and dismay to this day.
How gauche and louche.
So did tatterdemalion termagant St. Augustine Public Affairs Director Paul Williamson tell the Record to write that Godawful editorial?
This demented dippy dingbat is the same hick hack gross-out gooberish guy who would often call the St. Augustine Record on his City-issued cellular telephone in the midst of meetings on illegal dumping, telling Margo Pope or others about how horrible we citizens were to oppose the City of St. Augustine's illegally dumping a landfill in a lake and planning to bring it back to Lincolnville. We won, and we remember hearing his sweet nothings -- he didn't leave the room, and thought we couldn't hear him.
So now PAUL WILLIAMSON is our protocol advisor?  Pffffft.
Getting advice on protocol from PAUL WILLIAMSON is not unlike getting advice on the scientific proof of evolution from a rattlesnake-handling Tennessee backwoods preacher with a second grade education.
Curtseying (or curtsying) is as about as unAmerican as Commissioner TODD NEVILLE wanting to file a libel lawsuit using the City Attorney as a bullet in his gun.

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Warren Celli said...

Let's see now... the gangster City Of Saint Augustine has invited the monarchy figurehead of the ever more each day fascist leaning Spanish Government — a government which has recently passed and imposed overly repressive police state "Gag Laws" to stifle dissent so as to impose a brutal austerity on its people — to speak freely to the citizens of Saint Augustine.

And the best you can do Ed is discuss protocol and say, "We don't curtsy to Monarchs!"

How about; "We don't kowtow to fascist states!"

Shame on Saint Augustine for not canceling this visit, and Shame on Saint Augustine for its complicity of silence.