Friday, September 18, 2015

Spanish Monarchy Stopped Coups, Restored Democracy, Supports Gay Marriage: Welcome to St. Augustine

Welcome to St. Augustine, your Majesty from one Georgetown School of Foreign Service alumnus to another. 
Hoya Saxa, your Majesty!
King Juan Carlos I, father of King Felipe VI (a fellow Georgetown School of Foreign Service alumnus who visits here today) restored democracy after the death of pro-Hitler decades-long dictator Francisco Franco, with adoption of the 1978 Spanish Constitution.
King Juan Carlos halted attempted military coups, including one on February 23, 1981, appearing on television and backing down the Guardia Civil forces who had seized the Parliament building.
King Juan Carlos, who spoke here in 2001 where his son speaks today (at the King's Balcony at Government House) signed a Gay marriage law on July 1, 2005, boldly and publicly resisting pressures from bigots, stating "you soy el Rey de Espana, no Belgique" ("I am the King of Spain, not Belgium," whose King refused to sign the Belgian Gay marriage law, which became law anyway).
Welcome, King Felipe and Queen Letizia.
We salute y'all.

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Warren Celli said...

Such worshipful fervor Ed!

Pollyanna on roids, sweeping aside the gross evil to focus on past now co-opted Spanish good and token 'legislation' created by that co-option. Yuk!

Unfortunately there is not enough lipstick in the world to pretty up this pig of Saint Augustine — America's most immoral city.

Nice to see you displaying your true colors though Ed.

It is reminiscent to me of all of the good self anointed elite Xtrevilist Pollyanna Americans who supported Hitler in spite of his passing the Nuremberg Laws in 1933.

The wealthy self anointed fascist elite of that time scapegoated the Jews as lesser people.

The wealthy Xtrevilists of today are so arrogant with their stolen power that they now scapegoat by the size of ones wallet. The homeless, and those they have debt trapped through a scam 'rule of law', are now the lesser people, the new socially inferior that must be oppressed and eliminated. And through the scam 'rule of law' in Spain they too are now stripped of their Civil Rights.