Thursday, September 24, 2015

"I'm calling the cops!"

A jejune local attorney has joined the ranks of rank reprobate businesspeople who say, "I'm calling the cops" whenever First Amendment protected activity. These businesspeople have little regard for the rights of residents, employees, clients and customers.
They think they are above the law.
Louche lawyer JANE WEST has joined the legion of vile businessmen and commercial landlords, led by rebarbative ex-Mayors LEN WEEKS and JOE BOLES, a/k/a "CLAUDE LEONARD WEEKS, JR." and "JOSEPH LESTER BOLES," rebarbative reprobates who abused police forces for years, particularly when corrupt St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID BERNERD SHOAR, f/k/a "HOAR" was at SAPD, violating the rights of musicians and artists on St. George Street.
"We, the People" have elected a reform mayor, Nancy Shaver, last year.
We're going to elect a reform Sheriff, Debra Maynard, next year.
Developers and their toadies, abusive business people who abused law enforcement, will no longer own local governments.

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