Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Political Tourist BILL McCLLURE's Gaucherie and Mendacity

I walked up to peripatetic Political Tourist BILL McCLURE (BM) at the June 19, 2018 St. Johns County Commission meeting, and reached out to shake his hand, telling him I forgive him.

BM pouted, standing their with his arms crossed, pouty look on his countenance, and refused to shake my hand.  He pretended not to know for what I was forgiving him.

I replied to BM that it was his lawyer's threat for file an illegal SLAPP suit.

BM said he was not a lawyer and did not know what a SLAPP suit is, so I explained to him that under Florida law it is illegal to file a lawsuit in retaliation for First Amendment protected activity.

BM lawyer and he have "no class," I explained.

BM claimed not to have read my e-mails, while confirming I had written him at his correct e-mail address.

For a candidate for Mayor of St. Augustine to engage in an illegal SLAPP suit threat through his criminal defense lawyer is deplorable.

For a candidate for Mayor of St. Augustine to claim he does not know what a SLAPP suit is, well, laughable.

Is this clown, BM, a lousy louche liar, or what?

No class.

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