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I support the re-election of Mayor Nancy Shaver:

St. Augustine Mayor Nancy Shaver is a statewide and national leader on adaptation to global ocean level rise and opposition to offshore oil drilling.  

She's won plaudits for refocusing the mission of City Hall in our Nation's Oldest City on what matters to citizens:

  1. Putting residents first.  
  2. Asking questions, demanding answers and expecting democracy.
  3. Conducting fair hearings in zoning cases.   We stopped 7-Eleven from building at May and San Marco.  We did it by respecting rights and providing a fair hearing.  There's now a construction project to build a roundabout at the congested intersection.  Imagine what that intersection would have looked like otherwise.
  4. Ending corruption.  Mayor Shaver is the only local elected official who supports Justice for Michelle O'Connell.
  5. "Raising the bar" on ethical behavior.   
  6. Preserving history, nature and livability.   The sound end of Lincolnville is preserved forever as Dr. Robert S. Hayling, D.D.S. Freedom Park, ending discussion of locating corporate headquarters, a children's museum, a coral-growing business or an aquarium on top of former garbage dumps now turned into a park.
  7. "Government is a customer service organization."  Enough oppression.  Enough insouciance and insolence from local government.  We're building a customer service organization of which we will be proud.  Mayor Shaver's inspiring everyone to "up their game."
  8. Facts and science matter -- decisions must be data-based.  We in the "reality-based community" appreciate that our heroic Mayor  Nancy Shaver is all about respecting the value of a dollar. No more knee-jerk waste, fraud, abuse, misfeasance, malfeasance, flummery, dupery and nincompoopery.
  9. Refusing to meet secretly with zoning applicants.
  10. Writing and applying laws zealously, fairly, with common sense.
  11. "Our streets are not lively." Commission unanimously enacted five ordinances on visual artists' rights, settling Bates v. City of St. Augustine (Bates II).
  12. Updating and improving infrastructure -- fixing aging decrepit streets, sewers and water pipes, prioritizing what gets fixed first.
  13. Increasing mobility -- coping with all of the extra traffic caused by poor transportation planning and too-rapid growth of the surrounding county.
  14. Increasing transparency -- improving public access to information about our government.
  15. Best credit rating ever, with expert financial management, greatly improved from the days when the city was run as a country store, under corrupt former City Manager WILLIAM BARRY HARRISS.

In the bad 'ole days, so-called "good 'ole boys" in City Hall almost ran our town into the ground.  

For decades, speculators a/k/a developers, Florida School for the Deaf and Blind and Flagler College willy-nilly destroyed historic homes.  

They tore down our history.  

Our town was ruled by the likes of ROBERT MICHAEL GRAUBARD, with City Hall selling its wares.

When I called these rapacious, tree-killing, wetland-destroying criminaloid corporate critters "speculators," I was actually threatened by corrupt Mayor JOE BOLES a/k/a "Joseph Lester Boles, Jr."   They're still "speculators."  

Some supercilious speculators are now angry that the City is too "pro-resident." 

What a difference four years makes.

As President Ronald Reagan said, "You ain't seen nothin' yet."

Four years ago, "We, the People" triumphed as "upstart" Nancy Shaver (that's what the Record called her), defeated JOE BOLES.  Once thought he'd be MAYOR FOR LIFE.  BOLES thought he hung the moon.

Other-directed goobers JOE BOLES, along with ex-Mayor "LEN WEEKS," a/k/a Claude Leonard Weeks, Jr. and ex-City Manager WILLIAM BARRY HARRIS and devious developer mouthpiece GEORGE MORRIS McCLURE allowed  a "demolition derby," and a boatload of other bad policies, including allowing developers to abuse promiscuosly "Planned Unit Developments" (PUDs), which Cathy Brown calls "a sneaky way to get around zoning."

  • No more GEORGE McCLURE flummery, dupery and nincompoopery.
  • No more no-bid contracts and leases, like the 81 St. George Street below-market lease for venal ex-Mayors Weeks and Boles (Florida Cracker Cafe and Savannah Sweets), violating our rights to reasonable expectations of probity.
  • No more illegal demolition of historic structures, like DON PEDRO FORNELLS HOUSE and ECHO HOUSE.

Mayor Shaver reminds me of what Winston Church said about Franklin Roosevelt:

Mayor Shaver is running against two extremist "Political Tourists:

  • Dodgy cognitive miser and political opportunist. 
  • Does not live in St. Augustine,
  • Gave four (4) addresses in two (2) counties in two (2) years.  
  • Gave Jacksonville address to run for Congress in 2016, while still serving as a St. Johns County Commissioner.  
  • In McCLURE's April 2018 profile in Ponte Vedra Recorder, "One of Us," he described himself as a Ponte Vedra resident.  
  • BILL McCLURE (BM) supported corporate welfare "incentives" as a one-term St. Johns County Commissioner.   
  • BM once listed himself as President and CEO of alleged Medicaid fraudfeasor under "ongoing" investigation.  
  • McCLURE is represented by criminal defense lawyer CURTIS FALGETTER, who threatened me with a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) for seeking documents on an "ongoing" investigation. 
  • Government investigators serving search warrants, swarming McCLURE's alleged Medicaid mill on October 9, 2014. 
  • McCLURE and his mother remain under "ongoing" investigation of possible "health care fraud, conspiracy to commit health care fraud, Medicaid provider fraud, grand theft, falsifying a death certificate and practicing medicine without a license."  
  • The Florida Attorney General's Statewide Prosecutor's General Counsel, Mr. James Schneider wrote me a June 7, 2018 letter in response to my June 4, 2018 Open Records Request No. 2018-155, stating inter alia that "any information in the custody of the Statewide Prosecutor involving the Medi+MD matter is related to an ongoing criminal investigation which is continuing with reasonable, good faith anticipation of securing an arrest or prosecution in the foreseeable future..." 
  • BILL McCLURE is a chauvinistic TRUMP supporter and member of the bigot-infested St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee.  
  • Corrupt Sheriff DAVID SHOAR's candidate, dropping another money bomb on Mayor Nancy Shaver?  
  • BILL McCLURE a/k/a "BILL McCLOWN" is currently operating a "Trojan Trolley" shuttle bus for St. Augustine Beach Civic Association Wednesday concerts, sitting on the bus with his wife and cadging votes.  
  • This "Political Tourist" does not pass the smell test.


  • First-term Anastatia Mosquito Control Commissioner of St. Johns County.
  • Another cognitive miser.  
  • JR is in Europe until August 24, 2018, drawing $500/month pay for AMCD meetings she won't be attending.  
  • Racist Rev. RONALD RAWLS' cat's paw candidate.
  • Angry advocate for removing St. Augustine's monument to Confederate veterans.  
  • City Commissioners rightly rejected her argument -- we're contextualizing the monument, not destroying it.  Healing, not division. 
  • This second "Political Tourist" does not pass the laugh test.
On or before August 28, 2018, vote for Mayor Nancy Shaver.  It's the Feast of St. Augustine -- the 453rd anniversary of the naming of our City by Pedro Menendez de Aviles.

It's up to everyone.

It takes a village to save "our village," as County Commission Chairman Henry Dean calls it. 

Re-elect Mayor Nancy Shaver.

Nancy Shaver sworn in as Mayor on December 1, 2014 by Florida Supreme Court Justice Peggy Quince, as daughter holds 1820 family Bible.

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