Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Jill Pacetti Supports Restoring Artists to St. George Street

In an interview with Kevin Geddings on. WSOS-FM this afternoon, St. Augustine City Commission candidate Jill Pacetti expressed support for restoring artists and musicians to St. George Street, with constitutional time, place and manner regulations.
Yes we can!
Three cheers!
By making art and music into crimes, misguided City burghers, resembling the city council in the movie, "Footloose," did the bidding of commercial property owners.
Their rash actions cleared the way for panhandlers.  In the 1990s, there were no panhandlers, because buskers would tell them, "move along buddy."
St. George Street once had cool shops.  They're mostly gone.  In their place are tacky, tawdry, t-shirt shops, selling obscene or drinking and drug related t-shirts.
As former Planning and Zoning Board member and retired Council on Aging Executive Director Cathy Brown put it best, this has turned St. George Street into "one giant t-shirt shop."  As Mayor Nancy Shaver says, "Our streets are not lively."

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