Wednesday, July 18, 2018

"Mr. Know-it-All," JOHN VALDES touts his experience; Fined for destroying historic building without permit

Builder JOHN VALDES is running for City Commission, and running from his record.  He was fined for demolishing an historic building on Washington Street without a demolition permit, arrogantly telling the City building official, "I can make it fall down."  He sought a retroactive demolition permit.  It was denied.  He was then fined.  Only $224.   After a hearing on the issue, I told him, "Don't do it again."  He said that he would do it again.  Hence, louche lawbreaking contractor JOHN VALDES' earned nickname, "Mr. Know It All."

Testifying for DAVID BARTON CORNEAL in 2015, JOHN VALDES passionately supported the evisceration of the Dow Museum of Historic Homes and its conversation into a hotel.  VALDES is a third generation Florida developer.  

In his latest campaign mailing, he extolls his 23 years of community service on HARB, PZB and Code Enforcement Boards.  He says he won't require a "learning curve."  He already knows how to support the Visigoths and Vandals destroying Our Town.  

Mr. Know-it-All says he doesn't need to learn anything.  He was defeated by "ODD TODD" NEVILLE in 2014.  He's currently running against Jill Pacetti, a breath of fresh air who questions developers' bad projects, and has no known conflicts of interest. 

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