Thursday, July 19, 2018


Local business owners LOUIS JOHN ARBIZZANI, PHIL McDANIEL and JOSEPH TRINGALI are throwing a 70th birthday party for controversial builder and City Commission candidate JOHN OTHA VALDES' at the Treasury, 24 Cathedral Place, Monday, July 23, 2018 6-9 PM.  VALDES picked the night of a light City Commission agenda.  How many City Commissioners and staff will attend?  How many will report their attendance on gift reports?

JOHN OTHA VALDES is the Establishment's preferred candidate to favor their vested interests.   

ARBIZZANI sought to demolish a lovely 1880 Victorian home 32 Grenada Street; in response, the City declared it a local landmark and ARBIZZANI agreed in 2017 mediation before a special magistrate to preserve and restore it.  

Here's JOHN OTHA VALDES' Facebook post inviting you to his 70th birthday party, a soiree announced with idiosyncratic capitalization:

On July 1 we had our Campaign Kick Off Party at the Lions View Estate. It was a wonderful event and I am thankful to all those who attended and especially thankful to Sue Ellen Mosler and her family who made her estate available, to Jacob and Malou Mosler who provided the grill, to CeCe Reigle who organized the event, to Danny Long who cooked over 200 hotdogs, to Nancy and Gary Kennedy, Vanesa Lunsford, Paulina Salcido Urroz, Robin Borland, Brandon and Jessica Celli,and Jimmy Hersey who worked so hard to set up and make party possible.
A very special thanks to Nico Recore who was our bartender and most importantly the creator of this wonderful video.
Thank You all for your support and all your hard work.
Please come and help me celebrate my 40/30 Birthday(70th) and Campaign Party on July 23 from 6PM to 9PM at the Treasury on the Plaza in downtown St Augustine. Food from Carmelos and spirits from the Distillery!
Food, Fun, Drinks and some Words!!
Another Wonderful Event brought to you by Cece Reigle😊
John Valdes



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