Friday, July 27, 2018

Political Tourist BM's Latest Hateful Mailing Attacking St. Augustine Mayor Nancy Shaver (Yawn).

St. Augustine Mayor candidate BILL McCLURE (BM) has distributed another hate mailing.  (Sound effect: Collective yawn).  

Here's the latest desperate, emotional, emission from nonresident candidate WILLIAM ANTHONY McCLURE's failing campaign.  

Nonresident BM has no clue about our City.

This is how Political Tourist McCLURE implodes his dirty money bomb, misdirected against heroic St. Augustine Mayor Nancy Shaver:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And he had the nerve to use "Nancy Shaver Green" in his mailer. Despicable.

McClure is all noise, signifying nothing.

We The People have had it with name-calling bullies who are incapable of stating a problem AND THINKING OF HOW THAT PROBLEM CAN BE SOLVED.

I have yet to read a single sentence as to how McClure wiLL SOLVE any of the problems he accuses our talented mayor of causing. Traffic congestion, for example, has been generations in the making!

Enough blow-hards and bullies. Send this loser over to Joe Boles for some company.

All hot air and no solutions!

And the fool is not a legal resident??!

I continue to support Mayor Shaver and am proud to do so.