Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Controversial St. Augustine Beach Mayor UNDINE PAWLOWSKI GEORGE refused to allow public comment before and during the City Commission's two hour budget discussion July 31, 2018. 

At the beginning of the meeting, Mayor GEORGE gaveled ,and smirked and joked about denying public comment rights to her political opponent, Thomas F. Reynolds, Jr.

In cutting off any and all public comment before and during the detailed budget discussion on July 31, 2018, St. Augustine Beach Mayor UNDINE GEORGE acted deranged.  

She attacked Mr. Reynolds for not obeying "the rules."  

She violated F.S. 286. 

She's walking in the foul, fetid, filthy footsteps of her tatterdemalion predecessors as St. Augustine Beach Mayor, disgraced ex-Mayors RICHARD BURTT O'BRIEN and ANDREA SAMUELS.

What a waste of talent. 

What a waste of time. 

A two hour public meeting without public comment on item after item after item, from 5:01 PM to 7:09 PM, when she belatedly invited public comment, claiming it was "welcome."  She said, "this is not a time to debate."  

Only one citizen, Mr. Nicholas Binder, spoke.  

Mayor GEORGE kept citizens waiting for 128 minutes -- more than two hours -- without letting anyone speak.   

"At least we got one," she smirked and laughed. 






A violation of the First Amendment and F.S. 286.

Has Mayor UNDINE GEORGE discarded any pretense of being a "reformer?"  

Is she a fledgling member of the "Smirking Turkey Society?" (STS)

Critics say she's turned into a haughty harridan, a greedy, goofy, good-ole-gal, RICH O'BRIEN in drag.   I'm now inclined to agree with them.

Mayor UNDINE GEORGE, a licensed attorney who owns ANASTASIA LAW, is a registered Republican, one of five on the five-member St. Augustine Beach City Commission.

Has Mayor UNDINE GEORGE proven incompetent, insouciant, insular and insolent to First Amendment rights?   

I think so.

She lacks real world experience and looks down her distended nostrils at public comment. 

Potential bad influences and etiology of her animus:

  • "Direction" from City Manager BRUCE MAX ROYLE and City Attorney JAMES PATRICK WILSON, as Mayor GEORGE put it in her July 31, 2018 8:08 PM text message on public comment, stating inter alia, ".... I got ur voice mail message as I was going in and got direction from jim and max about public comment.
  • Undisclosed clients, past and present.
  • Mayor UNDINE GEORGE is married to EDWARD GEORGE, former Mayor of St. Augustine Beach.   
  • Mayor UNDINE GEORGE's father, Dr. MICHEL S. PAWLOWSKI, D.Sci., is President of "TRUMP CLUB."  Before he moved to Florida, Mayor GEORGE's father, Dr. MICHEL SERGE PAWLOWSKI, was charged by State's Attorney RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA with election fraud.  PAWLOWSKI voted for his daughter while he still worked for FEMA as an SES employee in Maryland; PAWLOWSKI took a plea bargain, paid a fine, got probation and took an "adjudication withheld."

Concerned about the lack of public comment on the meeting agenda, I left a telephone message for Mayor UNDINE GEORGE before the budget meeting.    The call was never returned.   As my great- grandmother would say, "she's typical of her type." 

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