Thursday, July 12, 2018

Political Tourist BILL McCLURE still violating ADA/504 with non-compliant TROJAN TROLLEY

"Political Tourist" WILLIAM ANTHONY McCLURE is running for Mayor of St. Augustine, of which he is a non-resident using a tourist apartment at 105 Marine Street, Apt. 6 as his pied au Terre. McCLURE is using as a campaign vehicle a Red Train shuttle to ferry partiers from St. Augustine Beach City Hall to the St. Johns County Ocean and Fishing Pier Park for the St. Augustine Beach Civic Association Music by the Sea concerts.

Here's a complaint that disability rights activist Merrill Paul Roland filed with St. Johns County on July 11, 2018:

TO: Katie Diaz - ADA Coordinator for St. Johns County, Florida 

RE: NON ADA Compliant Shuttle

Please accept this email, as My { ADA } ♿️
“ Americans with Disabilities Act “    COMPLAINT.
This SHUTTLE, which is Transporting Passengers to and from the St. John’s County Pier this evening July 11, 2018 is

Note: As You can See from the Photo Below, the Shuttle has NO WHEELCHAIR LIFT.

The “ Special Event Permit “  for this Event ..., Requires ADA COMPLIANCE .
* This Appears to be a BREACH of the PERMIT CONDITIONS.
** Please Investigate, and Take the Appropriate Action.

Photo by MERRILL ROLAND 07/11/2018
Best Regards,
Merrill Paul Roland,

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