Tuesday, July 17, 2018

LIBERATION DAY: Salt Air Farmer's Market Gets Contract to Operate Wednesday Farmer's Market at St. Augustine Beach

It ended not with a bang, or even a whimper.

Unanimous.  County Commission 5-0 voted for a one-year contract to the operators of the Salt Air Farmer's Market in Marineland to operate the St. Augustine Beach Wednesday Farmer's Market.

No one spoke in opposition, despite spiteful demands in handouts by ROBERT AND ANDREA SAMUELS and WILLIAM JONES to lobby for the St. Augustine Beach Civic Association to keep the contract.  I printed the handouts.   Like the Israelis in 1967, we bombed their Air Force on the ground, publishing the materially false and misleading flyer emitted by that effete corps of impudent snobs.  No one showed from SABCA to whine, wheedle, complaint or kvetch about it.  The operators of the barely disguised political action committee did not show.

After two decades of no-bid contracts, no accountability, financial flummery, civil rights violations, racism, refusal to accept EBT cards, First Amendment violations and exploitation, SABCA is kaput.

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