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2008 letter re: City Board members practicing before (and threatening) City Commissioners

Objects to city officials' stirring suit against city
Virginia Stoppelli
Published Sunday, April 20, 2008
St. Augustine Record
Editor: The quotes that were published in the St. Augustine Record on Tuesday about St. Augustine City Commission's denial of the Wendler hotel project on King Street, indicate we have two city officials "out of bounds."

"After tonight, there's no holding back. We'll take it to court and it will cost the city millions," said Jerry Dixon. "It's a property rights issue. We will win." (Editor's note: Although Jerry Dixon sits on the city's Planning and Zoning Board, he is the Wendler project architect).

City Commissioner Errol Jones said he was against the project, but wasn't sure it would win in court.

"If we lose in the final analysis then we have to pay the bill. We'll have to pay by collecting from each and every one of you", he said speaking to public sitting in City Hall. "The money will come from you all and every one of the commissioners up here because the city won't have the money to pay it."

Dixon and Jones are in positions to represent and protect the integrity of this community and its citizens. They have now threatened all city taxpayers with the consequences of their business affiliations and voting decisions. Through their own remarks they have helped establish the very foundations for legal events against the city to occur.

It certainly will not be the first time that the city has been sued by some unhappy developer hoping to make millions that has hit a roadblock based on the community's wish to maintain the charm and beauty of our city. But it is paradoxical in this case that the people, who are pouring gas on this fire, are on boards to represent the city. Perhaps they have something greater to gain by going against the citizens of Saint Augustine instead of supporting them.

Virginia Stoppelli

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